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Tripod Report 322
Tripod Report 322

Tripod Report 322

Tripod Report 322

Tripod Report 322

Tripod Report 322

Tripod Report 322


The light magnesium mounting head serves as module basis for 10 different inserts. The module insert can be changed at all times using a special wrench (included in the delivery of the changing module). The fixation in the cone ensures a positive-locking, clearance-free connection of the components.

Thanks to the new stop system, it is possible to set angles of spread at approx. 20°, 40°, 60°, 80° and 100° by means of a wing catch. The stop system is designed in such a way that the specified loads of the tripods are also guaranteed at a maximum inclination of the tripod legs.

The tripod Report 322 is equipped with the module insert 2, i.e. with a centre column which has a length of 50 cm and a diameter of 25 mm, made of precision-drawn light-metal tubing which ensures an easy height adjustment.
The support plate made of aluminium has a diameter of 68 mm and is equipped with a fixed fastening screw (size to be selected) as well as three locking screws which secure the mounted system against unintentional loosening.
When using an extra-short centre column (10 cm), it is possible to work near ground level.
The specified maximum height applies if the centre column is extended.
Single tripod leg extension.
- Weight: 3,10 kg = 6,83 lb.
- Transportation length: 89 cm = 35 inch
- Minimum height: 53 cm = 21 inch
- Maximum height: 190 cm = 75 inch
- Load capacity: 12,00 kg = 26,46 lb.
- Vibration damping: very good

Article number: 12022

Price: 238,00 € / circa 261,01 $

delivery status: in stock


Centre Column:

Color Choice:

We recommend the following accessories
2D Pan Head, Model 520

- Spring to prevent the camera from tipping
- Scale for horizontal panning
- Swivel arm for right- and left-handed persons
- Stable two-point axle bearing
- camera plate 80 x 50 mm
- Camera mount [...]
- Weight: 0,55 kg = 1,21 lb.

Article number: 32020
Price: 114,00 € / circa 125,02 $


Tripod Case 110 cm, diameter 14 cm for Report

Berlebach® tripod cases give your tripod optimum protection and, at the same time, provide superb carrying convenience du to all-round carrying grips and an extra shoulder strap. Breathable cotton fab [...]
- Weight: 0,50 kg = 1,10 lb.

Article number: 32083
Price: 41,00 € / circa 44,96 $

holder 75 cm bicycle

holder 75 cm for bicycle
for tripods Report
- Weight: 0,50 kg = 1,10 lb.

Article number: 33012
Price: 79,00 € / circa 86,64 $

2-Way Tilt Head Mod. 510

Dieser Neiger besticht durch innovative Technik sowie hohe Tragfähigkeit bei geringem Eigengewicht. Die integrierte Schnellkupplung Mod. 110 (Arca-Swiss kompatibel) lässt sich mit dem beigefügten Inne [...]
- Weight: 0,70 kg = 1,54 lb.

Article number: 32023
Price: 290,00 € / circa 318,04 $

2-Way-Head Mod. 553

This is our new 2-way tilt head which allows swivels in the horizontal and vertical axis. Both axes are individually lockable and due to the friction adjustment of the vertical swivel they are also su [...]
- Weight: 0,82 kg = 1,81 lb.

Article number: 32015
Price: 395,00 € / circa 433,20 $

3-Wege-Neiger Mod. 653

INNOVATION – modularly designed 3-way tilt head
incl. quick-release coupling mod. 150 and change plate (ArcaSwiss/UniQ-C compatible)
The tilt head is equipped as a standard with the quick-release co [...]
- Weight: 0,98 kg = 2,16 lb.

Article number: 32014
Price: 465,00 € / circa 509,97 $

MonkeyGrip 1

Klemmelement zur Befestigung an Stativbeinen des Systems REPORT
Einfache und schnelle Montage mit einem Exzenterhebel (keine Verschraubung notwendig).
Beidseitig montierbar und stufenlos in der Höhe [...]
- Weight: 0,18 kg = 0,40 lb.

Article number: 320510
Price: 119,00 € / circa 130,51 $


MonkeyGrip 2

Klemmelement zur Befestigung an Stativbeinen des Systems REPORT
Einfache und schnelle Montage mit einem Exzenterhebel (keine Verschraubung notwendig).
Beidseitig montierbar und stufenlos in der Höhe [...]
- Weight: 0,28 kg = 0,62 lb.

Article number: 320511
Price: 129,00 € / circa 141,47 $


We would be glad to hear your opinion about this product

Post your opinion right now...

#1 Igor - from Canada

I've had the pleasure of using this model now for more than 3 months. I am an avid medium format FILM photographer, and the Berlebach products fit my old school profile. This tripod gives up nothing to modern materials tripods when size and load capacity are compared.

My camera equipment consists of a B1 ball head - Pentax 67ii and lenses ranging from 55 to the 400 EDif. The 400 is a BIG lens - and long - remember this is medium format. With a 1.4x converter plus the heavy Pentax camera hanging off the end - represents quite a load, plus overall length. With the B1 and 400 - I'm pushing 7 to 9 kilos (16-20lbs) depending upon my set up. Rock solid. When I first set the tripod up - legs retracted - I could lean my full weight of 170 lbs on it without straining it. Try that with other types.

I got this model for the extra leg length. This allows me to shoot the camera at eye level - leaving 15 cm of leg still to go for those special situations. The centre column stays retracted. I included it for those times when you spread the legs to get down - but find your a bit low. I can easily raise the centre column a short distance without compromising stability with the 400 lens. I can raise it substantially with smaller lenses. I ordered the split column for convenience - plus the shortened version.

Mirror slap is an issue with these big Pentax cameras especially with low light situations. The camera has mirror lock up - but cannot always be used in every situation. I have tested the camera - tripod for any blur with my smaller lenses where mirror slap would induce vibration more than with a heavier lens. No detectable softness to the photo - or vibration effects that would prevent me from blowing up the image to the maximum. No flexure or vibration - with any lens - at any shutter speed.

This model is a bit longer to carry. But it balances easily, and is light even when compared to carbon fibre models designed to carry this kind of load. Put a second clamp on the legs, and I'm sure it will hold closer to 35 lbs or more. It's that solid. A joy to use - and look at. Consider the cost for the load capacity compared to carbon fibre - it's a bargain.

#2 shane

Wood is the original 'carbon fibre'.

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