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CHARON observer's chair
CHARON observer's chair

CHARON observer's chair

CHARON observer's chair

- Adjustable height, 12 settings from 10 to 93 cm
- Wide back provides good spine support
- Comfortable, slightly springy Wooden material
- Easily folded
- Weight: 5.8 kg
- Packaged size: 0.35 x 1.01 m
- Maximum load 120 kg
- Weight: 5,80 kg = 12,79 lb.

Article number: 500682

Price: 160,00 € / circa 176,48 $

delivery status: in stock

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#1 John B

Very good chair. Easy to carry, sturdy, comfortable to sit on and easy to change seat in dark. My chair is slightly different from the chair pictured above, with a better and wooden design replacing the "rope" keeping the two sides apart. Also, the seat was black. Looks like it may last a very long time.

#2 John H

Excellent observing chair - extremely small, lightweight, and compact. very nice quality wood. easy to adjust height while sitting at the telescope. Much lighter than other observing chairs.

the seat is tilted at an upward angle and this was somewhat uncomfortable for me, so I used a router to cut a groove into the seat board and now the seat is level and very comfortable.

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