Dovetail Plate

Prism Plates

Product Description

- With 1/4" threaded holes for countersunk screws spaced 35 mm apart, and through holes for M6 or 1/4" countersunk screws spaced 35 mm apart.
- Other dimensions available on request.
  • Weight: 0,40 kg = 0.88 lbs.

Item number: 500607

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Price: 29,00
(circa 35.67 $)

What people say about this product

cormac moloney

"I have both my William Optics refractors mounted on a Giro 3 head and UNI-24 tripod.
When you see and use these these dovetails, you will know what quality is.
Marvellously engineered and superbly finished."

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