Tripod UNI 87 ( max. height 188 cm)

UNI levelling column

Product Description

These innovative products offer an impressive combination of small packaged size, high load capacity and extremely good damping. 3-point clamping with the new clamps provides even greater rigidity and security. This means the tripod can take heavy loads despite the reduced diameter of the individual parts. Light-metal mounting head with levelling ball up to 30° tilt and circular bubble, and geared centre column. Centre column length on the UNI 7 is 30 cm (19 cm adjustment range) and on the UNI 17 and 27 it is 50 cm (39 cm adjustment range). Helical gearing on the centre column acts as an automatic column brake. Mounting plate diameter is 77 mm.
Without leg spread stops. The maximum heights given below are those at an approx. 20° leg spread.
  • Weight: 6,80 kg = 14.99 lbs.
  • Packed length: 79 cm = 31 inches
  • Minimum height: 53 cm = 21 inches
  • Maximum height: 188 cm = 74 inches
  • Load tolerance: 15,00 kg = 33.07 lbs.
  • Vibration damping: very good

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