2D Pan Head, Model 520

load up to 6kg/ 13lbs

Product Description

- Spring to prevent the camera from tipping
- Scale for horizontal panning
- the vertical swivel is possible in a range from -40° to +90°
- Swivel arm for right- and left-handed persons
- Stable two-point axle bearing
- camera plate 80 x 50 mm
- Camera mounting thread 1/4"
- Base thread 1/4" und 3/8"
- Takes loads of up to 5 kg
- Height: 9 cm
  • Weight: 0,52 kg = 1.15 lbs.

Item number: 32020

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Price: 129,00
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What people say about this product

jean-luc saint-marc

"From fifteen years this product ( 2D Pan Head, Model 520 ) became a real good partner but, the black plastic of the base thread is now broken, and I can not screw normally my scope on the base. Could you help me, telling how to get this spare part ?



"Excellent quality pan head. Smooth action & reliable. Mine is around 10 years old and still going strong. I use with a Report 2022 tripod & Leica APO Televid 77 spotting scope."

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