Tripod Report 743/P


Product Description

Like tripod Report 7043 except that centre column has a non-removable rotating panorama plate. Especially suitable for ball heads without a built-in rotation plate. These are top-of-the-line tripods that deliver perfect results in any conditions. For many work assignments there is no need to use a tripod head. Extremely convenient when working on uneven ground. Double leg extension.
  • Weight: 2,60 kg = 5.73 lbs.
  • Packed length: 57 cm = 22 inches
  • Minimum height: 55 cm = 22 inches
  • Maximum height: 137 cm = 54 inches
  • Load tolerance: 10,00 kg = 22.05 lbs.
  • Vibration damping: good

Item number: 23040

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