Quick-Release Coupling 160

Dove-Tail System Single Parts Quick-release couplings

Product Description

Quick Release Coupling for big lenses
- Big support plate
- Compatible with different dovetail plates (Arca-Swiss, Novoflex, Burzynski)
- Delivery without quick-change holder
- we offer different lenght of quick-change holders (accessories)
- recommand you the quick-change holder with 87 mm length (item no. 320282)
- with rubberstring for turnprotection
- Integrated spirit level
- With lock screws
- Mounting thread 3/8"
- Size: 95 x 90 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 0,16 kg = 0.35 lbs.

What people say about this product

Simon Schollum

"Berlebach Quick-release Coupling 160 is an incredibly well designed & constructed tool for Image Makers. Top quality workmanship & materials are signature features of Berlebach and their QR-systems are no exception. The construction accuracy of the inbuilt level and generous top plate make this indispensable for the architectural or craftsman photographer. I am converting all my Arca; Linhof & Foba heads to the Berlebach QR system. Highly recommended. Simon Schollum"

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