Tripod Report 9063/75


Product Description

Mounting head with 75 mm half-ball for direct attachment of professional video tilt heads or for use with levelling units - also with diameter of 75 mm. Maximum height is measured with the legs spread to an angle of about 23°. Three-section legs.

We can offer this model in the colors black, brown, green and camouflage.

We can recommand you our new model Report 963/75 which we can ship in all colors.
  • 重量: 3,00 kg = 6.61 lbs.
  • 收缩高度: 74 cm = 29 inches
  • 最低高度: 18 cm = 7 inches
  • 最高高度: 153 cm = 60 inches
  • 载重: 8,00 kg = 17.64 lbs.
  • 抗震性: 好

货号: A-22362/75

Availability: in stock


价格: 198,00
(大约 232.21 $)

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