Module insert 2

module insert for tripods REPORT

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The module insert 2 is uquipped with a 50 cm long centre column with a diamter of 25 mm, made of precision wrough light-metal tubing, which allows a comfortable height adjustment. Each column is introduced accurately fitting in each tripod, in order to keep the tolerances as low as possible.
the module insert 2 is also available with a firmly fixed rotating panorama plate, having the model designation 2/P.
The support plate made of aluminium has got a diameter of 68 mm/2.7 in and is equipped with three safety screws, with which the mounted technology can be secured against unintentional release.
The centre column can be used for work near the ground when it is turned over, or you use the centre column with a length of 10 cm.
  • Weight: 0,44 kg = 0.97 lbs.

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