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Azimuthal mounting SPICA


- small and light azimuthal mount for binoculars, scopes teleskopes and
- the friction control can be tuned with easy to grasp knobs for both axes
- incl. one Dovetail Clamp.
- on the other side is thr possibility to connect a second Dovetail Clmap,
Counterbalance Bar or a quick rel [...]

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Projector Tray


- Size 36 x 31 cm
- Takes loads of up to 18 kg
- Can be mounted on any Report Berlebach tripod with centre column
- in order to fit the plate is the centre column to turn
- Suitable for projector, monitor, laptop computer, etc.

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Tele-Adapter for Olympus Zuiko 2,8/90-250 mm


1) Beinhaltet die Höhe des Adapters (laut Ihrer Homepage 26mm) auch den "Zapfen" auf der Unterseite, der bei Verwendung einer Original-Berlebach-Wechselplatte in deren Profil eingreift?
2) wie hoch ist dieser "Zapfen"?
3) wie breit (quer zur Optikachse) und wie lang (in der Optikachse) ist der Ada [...]

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MonkeyGrip 2 for UNI und PLANET


Clamp Element for attachment to the tripod legs of the system UNI and PLANET.
Easy and quick installation with just one clamping lever (no screwing required).
You are able to screw directly a compact camera, ball- head or the plate # 320517 or a tablet.
The angle for levelling is 35°.
Diameter [...]

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Accessorie Tray


- Size: 28 x 18 cm
- Takes loads of up to 2 kg
- Is mounted to the extension arm, tripod dolly and spreader
- Practical tray for keeping items handy
- Thread size 1/4"
- In order to fix the tray on the centre column of the tripod you need the extension # 32050 or MonkeyGrip 2 # 320511

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