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SPEEDY - The carrying coupling


There are many camera safety belt systems on the market, but with Berlbebach’s SPEEDY, handling the camera becomes even faster and less complicated. By contrast to other designs, the system cannot be detached by itself. This is realised with the help of a patented spring clip system, which only rele [...]

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2-Way-Head Mod. 553


This is our new 2-way tilt head which allows swivels in the horizontal and vertical axis. Both axes are individually lockable and due to the friction adjustment of the vertical swivel they are also suitable for amateur film makers.
The vertical swivel range of 90° in both directions is possible; th [...]

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Levelling base N75


levelling angle: 15°
height: 39 mm / 1.4"
supporting are Ø: 62 mm / 2.44"
fastening screw: 3/8"
max. load: 15 kg / 33 lbs
torgue: 20 Nm / 14.75 ldf/ft
size without handle: 95 x 90 x 36 mm /
size with handle: 100 x 134 x 36 mm

Our levelling plate N 75 is suitable for all tripods with no po [...]

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Spread Stopper for Berlebach tripods


The leg lock guarantees...
- Rapid and equal leg spread
- 100% secure assembly at all times:legs cannot slip away
- No chain necessary
- Triangular base form in seconds
- Attention, legs are only able to lock at 23°.
- By tripods without deposit tray you need also one kit tripod leg brackets ( [...]

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CHARON observer's chair


- Adjustable height, 12 settings from 10 to 93 cm
- Wide back provides good spine support
- Comfortable, slightly springy Wooden material
- seat size 25 x 21 cm
- Easily folded
- Weight: 5.8 kg
- Packaged size: 0.35 x 1.01 m
- Maximum load 120 kg

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Three Plastic feets


- Standard: UNI Astro, PLANET and SKY tripod legs have stainless steel tips.
- Optional: Steel tips can be exchanged for plastic feet.

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Dovetail Plate


- With 1/4" threaded holes for countersunk screws spaced 35 mm apart, and through holes for M6 or 1/4" countersunk screws spaced 35 mm apart.
- Other dimensions available on request.

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Quick-Release Coupling 160


Quick Release Coupling for big lenses
- Big support plate
- Compatible with different dovetail plates (Arca-Swiss, Novoflex, Burzynski)
- Delivery without quick-change holder
- we offer different lenght of quick-change holders (accessories)
- recommand you the quick-change holder with 87 mm le [...]

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