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Support for Dovetail Clamp


Support for Dovetail Clamps or other accessories
For mounting on counterbalance bar
Inner diameter 20 mm /0.787 "
distance of the attachment screw 35 mm - 1.378"
screw size 1/4"
95 mm for GR III, 55 mm for Castor

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Seat Screw


Seat Screw
Zur Montage der Schraube wird einfach ein Loch in ein Brett gebohrt. Dort lässt sich die Schraube einsetzen und mit dem Sterngriff von unten verschrauben. Auf dem Auflageteller mit 1/4" bzw. 3/8" Gewinde kann man nun nach Belieben Neigeköpfe für die Fotografie oder zur Beobachtung mit Fe [...]

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File Bag


Praktische Ablagemöglichkeit zwischen den Stativbeinen
Die Befestigung erfolgt mittels Karabinerhaken an den Ösen der Stativschellen.

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Astroadapter for TAL MT-S3


Astroadapter for TAL MT-S3
pinsize Ø 60 mm / 2.36" , length 20 mm / 0.78"
threaded hole in the center with M10
secondary 3 threaded holes with M6 thread (screws included)

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Projector Tray 3/8"


- Size 36 x 31 cm
- Takes loads of up to 10 kg
- Fits on 3/8" screw thread
- Suitable for projector, monitor, laptop computer, etc.

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Tripod Case 120 cm, diameter 24 cm for UNI


- Berlebach tripod cases give your tripod optimum protection and, at the same time, provide superb carrying convenience due to all-round carrying grips and an extra shoulder strap. Breathable cotton fabric guarantees temperature and moisture balance.
- Inside diameter: 24 cm

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Moduleinsatz 2


The module insert 2 is uquipped with a 50 cm long centre column with a diamter of 25 mm, made of precision wrough light-metal tubing, which allows a comfortable height adjustment. Each column is introduced accurately fitting in each tripod, in order to keep the tolerances as low [...]

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SOS Strap Mini, OP/TECH


* Comfortably carries heavy bags, briefcases, computer bags and luggage
* Unique internal control-stretch system makes loads feel up to 50% lighter
* Securely attaches to a wide variety of luggage with metal swivel hooks or 1.5" webbing (Mini S.O.S. uses 1" webbing)
* Stays in place with our N [...]

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Module insert 1


The module insert 1 has got a spring supported fastening screw.
It is suitable for the simple mounting of heavy heads or devices.
The head is put on and is connected to the tripod by turning the screw.
The diameter of the supporting surface is 60 mm/2.4 in.

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Moduleinsatz 4


The module insert 4 unites the modules 2 and 3, because here a centre column is integrated in a levelling ball. Here too the 50 cm long centre column with diameter 25 mm/1 in is made of precision wrought light-metal tubing, so that a comfortable height adjustment is possible. The [...]

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