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Tripod UNI 12 (Leveling Unit 75 mm)


This tripod is ideal for filming assignments and is compatible with all professional video heads with a diameter of 75 mm. In addition, we offer a suitable 75 mm diameter leveling unit capabel of taking any tilt head as required. Without leg spread stops. The maximum height given below is that at an [...]

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Tripod UNI 6C


Light-metal mounting head with levelling ball up to 30° tilt and circular bubble. Ball with friction adjustment. Diameter of the support area 100 mm. Spring-loaded retaining spindle. With leg spread stops at 20°, 35°, 55° and 80°.

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Tripod UNI 82C/75 with spread stops ( max. height 139 cm)


These innovative products offer an impressive combination of small packaged size, high load capacity and extremely good damping. 3-point clamping with the new clamps provides even greater rigidity and security. This means the tripod can take heavy loads despite the reduced diameter of the individual [...]

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