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Spread Stopper for Berlebach tripods


The leg lock guarantees...
- Rapid and equal leg spread
- 100% secure assembly at all times:legs cannot slip away
- No chain necessary
- Triangular base form in seconds
- Attention, legs are only able to lock at 23°.
- By tripods without deposit tray you need also one kit tripod leg brackets ( [...]

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Azimuthal mount Castor


- small and light azimuthal mount for binoculars, scopes teleskopes and
- the friction control can be tuned with easy to grasp knobs for both axes
- incl. one Dovetail Clamp.
- on the other side is thr possibility to connect a second Dovetail Clmap,
Counterbalance Bar or a quick rel [...]

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Dovetail Plate


- With 1/4" threaded holes for countersunk screws spaced 35 mm apart, and through holes for M6 or 1/4" countersunk screws spaced 35 mm apart.
- Other dimensions available on request.

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UNI 900 Floor Stay


For UNI- tripods.
- The floor stay is ideal for holding the tripod legs in place when spread at extreme angles on smooth or sensitive flooring. Extension of the bracing arms is infinitely variable. Clear scale marks indicate the extension length. Rubber pads are provided for non-slip support. The c [...]

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Tube Grip


Tube Grip from milled aluminium and a 25mm / 1" ash-wood rod
- length of the rod 250 mm, other size on request
- easy to make shorter by cutting the wooden rod
- to mount with 1/4" screw

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Support for Dovetail Clamp


Support for Dovetail Clamps or other accessories
For mounting on counterbalance bar
Inner diameter 20 mm /0.787 "
distance of the attachment screw 35 mm - 1.378"
screw size 1/4"
95 mm for GR III, 55 mm for Castor

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Astroadapter for TAL MT-S3


Astroadapter for TAL MT-S3
pinsize Ø 60 mm / 2.36" , length 20 mm / 0.78"
threaded hole in the center with M10
secondary 3 threaded holes with M6 thread (screws included)

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Spreader 37


Mit dieser verstellbaren Spreizsicherung können Sie die Beinspreizung Ihres Statives in drei festen Winkeln sicher arretieren.
Dies ermöglicht eine flexible Nutzung des Stativs mit verschiedenen Aufbauten.
Beinabspreizwinkel bei 25, 33° und 40°
Die Ablageplatte kann auf die Spreizsicherung aufges [...]

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