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Portrait format extension for tilt Head mod. 553


Mit Hilfe dieser Hochformaterweiterung können Sie den 2-Wege-Neiger Mod. 553 in einen 3-Wege-Neiger (Mod. 653) umrüsten.
Die Schnellkupplung lässt sich 90° versetzt auf die Hochformaterweiterung aufschrauben.
Statt der Schnellkupplung Mod. 150 kann man auch die Panoramaplatten P101 und P103 auf di [...]

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2D-Panoramakopf Mod. 520 Spezial


- Same sturdy design as model 520, but: Without swivel arm, instead
- With additional clamping lever
- camera plate 80 x 50 mm
- Camera mounting thread 1/4"
- Base thread 1/4" und 3/8"
- Takes loads of up to 5 kg
- Height: 9 cm

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3-Way Tilt Head Model 643


- Integrated quick clutch and interlock safety device
- Pivoting range 90° in both directions
- Friction control for vertical pan
- For vertical pan connectible load-spring for loads over 2 kg
- Integrated spirit levels
- With additional 3rd axis for portrait work
- Pan range fpr 3rd axis from [...]

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3-Way Tilt Head Model 6 Basis Head


INNOVATION – modularly designed 3-way tilt head
The quick-release coupling is removable and can be replaced by the quick-release coupling mod. 130, 140 and 150 as well as the panorama plates P101 or P 103.
This tilt head can be swivelled vertically 90° in both directions.
The easiness or heavines [...]

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