PLANET Tripod Including Tray 37 cm + Spread Stopper

PLANET load capacity 120 kg

Product Description

Our most stable wooden tripod, featuring large wood cross-sections and newly designed clamping elements, delivers a high load capacity and excellent stability with minimum vibration transmission. The ultra-flat design of the new tripod head with 105 mm leg joints guarantees maximum torsional stiffness.
Load capacity 120 kg, with double cable clamps 130 kg
Tripod leg angle: 26°
Delivery with Spread Stopper and Tray.
If with double clamps is the max. height 10 cm shorter.

externer Link Info to use with 3 angle spreader
  • Weight: 12,00 kg = 26.46 lbs.
  • Packed length: 96 cm = 38 inches
  • Minimum height: 88 cm = 35 inches
  • Maximum height: 136 cm = 54 inches
  • Load tolerance: 120,00 kg = 264.55 lbs.
  • Vibration damping: extremely good

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Price: 649,00
(circa 699.17 $)

What people say about this product

Chris S.

"If you appreciate fine workmanship, you'll love this tripod! I use it to support my AP Mach1, and it's rock-solid. No regrets here - it's worth every penny!"


"One of the highest-quality pieces of astronomical equipment I've ever used! Beautiful craftsmanship and clever design features that increase stability over all the other wood tripods I've every used.

Thank you Berlebach for bringing this level of quality to amateur astronomy!"

Mougey Yves

"Very good and stable tripod.
Beautiful german quality"


"Beautiful. It's the first thing I thougt when I unpack planet tripod. Worth every penny..."


"Excellent tripod for mounts upto AZEQ6 or similar. Very stiff and with great damping of vibration, strongly recommended."

Freddy Meiresonne

"Very strong and stable tripod. Rock steady. I put my Ioptron CEM60 on it. Quality product. Reasonable priced. Recommended."

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