2-Way Tilt Ball-Head Model Albatros

loads over 6 kg

Product Description

Its innovative construction allows this ball panning head to carry out laterally guided movements. At the same time, Pegasus offers high stability and easy operation. The unique "MotionControl" technology prevents unintented lateral tilting.
The Pegasus tripod heads provides high stability for static exposures as well as unlimited flexibility in dynamic photography. You can use it with a wide range of lenses from wide angle to low aperture telephoto lenses plus for portrait and landscape formats.
Pegasus is one of the most innovative tripod heads:
Universal – Optimal allround tripod head for usage in nature, tele and travel photography
MotionControl – Laterally stable guiding for controlled movement in dynamic tele photography
Tilting stability – Oversize ball allows firm fixation and enormous stability
Ergonomic – One single clamping lever – always in same position relative to the camera lens unit
Basis for panoramic photography by blocking of horizontal axis
Fast & Secure – Integrated quick releasecoupling in dove tail profile with safety pin, compatible for third party quick release plates (e. g. ArcaSwiss)
- Tilt angle: 43 degrees
- Friction preset
- Panorama base locking
- Ball diameter: 64 mm
- integr. dovetail Quick release
- Tripod adapter: Diameter 86 mm – 3/8 "
- Height: 112 mm
- Max. load: 15 kg
  • Weight: 1,40 kg = 3.09 lbs.

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Price: 545,00
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What people say about this product

Anthony Guidice

"Hello from New York,

I ordered the tripod head Albatros and tripod UNI 14C.
I've used them with my 8x10 camera about 5 or 6 times. It's the best tripod and head for an 8x10 camera I've ever used.

Thank you."

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