2-Way Tilt Head Mod. 510

load up to 6kg/ 13lbs

Product Description

This tilt head impress with innovative technology as well as with hight load capacity and has a low dead weight.
The integrated quick-release-coupling mod. 110 can be quickly mounted offset by 90°
using the added hexagon socket wrench. In this way, you can use this head as 3-way tilt head without limitation by means of an elbow that is attached to the camera.
The locking of both planes is made thanks to a special mechanical system via one sole clamping element. The friction adjustment for the vertical tilt is effected via an adjusting wheel opposite to the clamping element.
The quide handle is mountable for both right and left handed persons.
Besides for taking photos, this tilt head is particularly suitable for observations with a
spotting scope or with binoculars.

Load capacity: 5 kg
Height: 90 mm
Diamter of ground plate: 68 mm
Bottom thread hole: 3/8" (Threaded socket to 1/4" is included)
  • Weight: 0,70 kg = 1.54 lbs.

Item number: 32023

Availability: in stock

Price: 319,00
(circa 346.69 $)

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