Minitripod L with levelling (large version)

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Product Description

This innovative tripod is the dream of countless nature photographers' come true: a mini-tripod with a high load capacity, low minimum height and integrated levelling system.
The head support section (Ø 80 mm) can be tilted 25° in each direction, while the spreading legs can create even greater surface for your camera. This allows you to use it near the ground without a tilt head.
  • Weight: 1,10 kg = 2.43 lbs.
  • Packed length: 45 cm = 18 inches
  • Minimum height: 6 cm = 2 inches
  • Maximum height: 68 cm = 27 inches
  • Load tolerance: 5,00 kg = 11.02 lbs.
  • Vibration damping: very good

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Price: 216,00
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What people say about this product

Geoffrey Pickles FBIPP

"I bought this great little tripod to take with me to South Africa. It is light and easy to pack in suitcase, and very sturdy with heavy kit attached. I used this on a couple of bush walks, and though it does not extend to any great height, there were plenty of boulders strewn around the Pilanesberg National Park to be used to place the tripod on. I opted for the 'convertible rubber/spiked feet', and I also bought the additional spikes (Article number: 100420) that are useful for additional security when the tripod legs are splayed out. In addition, I found the optional case (Article number: 320791) great for attaching to my belt so that the Minitripod could easily be carried through the bush.

Ever since discovering Berlebach tripods, I have been a great fan of their products. I purchased my first, the Report 923/P - 9230/P as it was when new - and have their binocular mount too. All their items are beautifully made, and are treasured by me."

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