2-Way-Head Mod. 553

load up to 6kg/ 13lbs

Product Description

This is our 2-way tilt head which allows swivels in the horizontal and vertical axis. Both axes are individually lockable and due to the friction adjustment of the vertical swivel they are also suitable for amateur film makers.
The vertical swivel range of 90° in both directions is possible; the easiness or heaviness is adjustable via a friction adjustment.
On the side of the fixation of the guide handle there is a brightly anodised adjusting knob, with which a load pick-up spring can be switched on. In case of camera weights of more than 3 kg this function should generally be used so that the camera or the spotting scope cannot strike forwards or backwards when the guide handle is released inadvertently.
Load capacity: 6 kg
Length of the arm after the crease: 23 cm
(shorter arm is possible)
The tilt head is equipped as a standard with the quick-release coupling mod. 150 (Arca-Swiss/UniQ/C compatible). It has two integrated rod spirit levels which allow an exact alignment of both axes and a locking pin which prevents that the change plate slips out accidentally.
The quick-release coupling is removable and can be replaced by the quick-release coupling mod. 130 as well as the panorama plates P101 or P 103.
The quick-release couplings mod. 130 and mod. 150 can be screwed on offset by 90° so that the tilt head is also suitable for cameras with portrait format angle.
The scope of delivery includes the change plate 050/57 mm.
The guide handle can be optionally mounted for right- and left-handed persons. By means of the delivered Allen key the retaining screw is loosened and the guide handle is inserted from the other side and then retightened.
Thanks to the modular construction of the tilt head, it is possible to upgrade this 2-way tilt head to a 3-way tilt head by means of the "portrait format extension" component (art. no. 320196).
Diameter of the ground plate for tripod connection: 68 mm
Tripod connection 3/8“, threaded socket for reduction to ¼“ is enclosed
Height: 100 mm
  • Weight: 0,82 kg = 1.81 lbs.

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