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Product Description

There are many camera safety belt systems on the market, but with Berlbebach’s SPEEDY, handling the camera becomes even faster and less complicated. By contrast to other designs, the system cannot be detached by itself. This is realised with the help of a patented spring clip system, which only releases your change plate when you wish it to! All Berlebach, Arca, Kirk and Really Right Stuff, Novoflex and Burzynski change plates can be used.
How is the SPEEDY different from other systems?
The SPEEDY is not screwed directly into the camera – instead, it is mounted onto your change plate – therefore, cumbersome switching between safety belt and change plate will no longer be necessary. Simply loosen the SPEEDY and place the camera onto the tripod head, and you’re ready to go!
Load capacity: 6 kg
(If the change plate is long enough, you won’t even need to loosen the SPEEDY.)
  • Weight: 0,09 kg = 0.20 lbs.

Item number: 320273

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Price: 129,00
(circa 137.88 $)

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