Carwindow bracket with panoramafunction and bean bag

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If you are looking for an easy to use, compact tripod for taking pictures from your car, the Berlebach car window mount with bean bag is the ideal combination. A classic bean bag tripod is combined with a car window mount and supplemented by a panorama function.

For mounting, the tripod, just like a normal car window mount, is simply put on the partially lowered side window and fixed there with the help of the clamping lever. The platform of the tripod can be swivelled vertically by -21°-0- 90° and the respective position can be adjusted via the lateral clamping lever.

The camera is then placed directly on the bean bag, which is attached in three places to the upper platform of the tripod with Velcro tape. Larger optics can be attached to the bean bag with a Velcro tape.

Easy turning and swivelling and the secure hold on the bean bag allow the photographer to quickly align his camera. For safe and easy photography from the car, no accessories other than the car window mount with bean bag are required. The bean bag can be easily separated from the tripod base via the three Velcro connections and can also be used separately.

Vertical swivel range -21°-0- 90°
Dimensions: LxWxH 170x210x160
Weight with bean bag 1.36 kg, without bean bag 0.86 kg
  • Weight: 1,36 kg = 3.00 lbs.

Item number: 50127

Availability: in stock

Price: 149,00
(circa 159.25 $)

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