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The ultimate binocular support deluxe from Berlebach leaves nothing to be desired. It connects binoculars securely to any photo tripod and allows precise panning and tilting of the binoculars.
The 2-way panhead optimised for observation is completely integrated in the binocular support. This compactness guarantees maximum stability.
The rubber cork-covered support surface to the binoculars is twice 100 x 65 mm and can be perfectly adjusted by simple adjustment by means of a knurled wheel in the range from 30° (for binoculars) to -15° (for monoculars). Vertically, the head has an angular freedom of 70° to -55° and the horizontal offers the usual 360° swivel. Both planes are each fixed via an adjustment element.
The binoculars are attached by a 400 mm long rubber strap, which can be fixed to the side. Seven holes offer a wide range of adjustment for the respective optics.
The bottom connection is a 68 mm plate optimised for Berlebach tripods with a 3/8” UNC threaded hole (by means of reduction also ¼” UNC).
For zenith observations, we recommend a tripod with a tiltable and swiveling center column, such as Report 843 or Report 342.
  • Weight: 0,52 kg = 1.15 lbs.

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