Binoculars Support


Product Description

- Size: ca. 162 x 102 mm
- last hole in the strap on 290 mm
- base thread 1/4" and 3/8"
  • Weight: 0,25 kg = 0.55 lbs.

Item number: 32260

Availability: in stock


Price: 42,00
(circa 45.74 $)

What people say about this product

massinmo valentini

"I've this product and it's very good for use with binoculars."


"The perfect binocular support, I use this with a report tripod and my 8x42 or 15x70 binoculars for astronomy. The rubber strap makes it easy and fast to change to almost any binocular, it is also much more sturdy than the foot type adapters."

Geoffrey Pickles

"This is the second product I have purchased fro Berlebach, the first was a tripod: Tripod Report 9023/P. This binocular support is well made and well designed, perfect for studying herons and egrets that use the stream that flows past our cottage. I have a modern pair of compact binoculars made by Nikon, as well as a large pair of Carl Zeiss that are over 30 years old. Both binoculars fit well on this platform and both of these Berlebach products are a delight to own and use."

Dunk Kirkwood

"Superb binocular support capable of use with e.g. Fuji 10x70 which is a large size instrument but also usable with a smaller e.g. Zeiss 7x45 Night Owl bino. Far better than any 'L' shaped support"

Piergiovanni Salimbeni -

"I have been using the Berlebach support for binoculars for years, I use it during events, comparatives and my workshop. I believe it is much more stable than common tripod adapters. I am able to hold a 15x56 or 18x70 binoculars perfectly with this support. I recommend it!"

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