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The tripod Report 823 is equipped with the module insert 2, i.e. with a centre column which has a length of 50 cm and a diameter of 25 mm, made of precision-drawn light-metal tubing which ensures an easy height adjustment.
The support plate made of aluminium has a diameter of 68 mm and is equipped with a fixed fastening screw (size to be selected) as well as three locking screws which secure the mounted system against unintentional loosening.
When using an extra-short centre column (10 cm), it is possible to work near ground level.
The specified maximum height applies if the 50 cm centre column is extended.
Double tripod leg extension.

The light magnesium mounting head serves as module basis for 14 different inserts. The module insert can be changed at all times using a special wrench (included in the delivery of the changing module). The fixation in the cone ensures a positive-locking, clearance-free connection of the components.

Thanks to the stop system, it is possible to set angles of spread at approx. 20°, 40°, 60°, 80° and 100° by means of a wing catch. The stop system is designed in such a way that the specified loads of the tripods are also guaranteed at a maximum inclination of the tripod legs.
  • Weight: 2,60 kg = 5.73 lbs.
  • Packed length: 68 cm = 27 inches
  • Minimum height: 53 cm = 21 inches
  • Maximum height: 179 cm = 70 inches
  • Load tolerance: 10,00 kg = 22.05 lbs.
  • Vibration damping: good

Item number: 22021

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Price: 328,00
(circa 350.57 $)

What people say about this product


"Amazing tripod, I have used it with cameras, binoculars and telescopes. The ash wood is great and offers fantastic stability and rigidity where it is needed, the tripod is the best I have ever used for a telescope since it will dampen vibrations so good. This is not my first Berlebach tripod (have a UNI 18 for the big telescope) and it will not be my last either. Berlebach also have the fastest and best customer support too."


"This is a great tripod. Having owned many other types over the years from wood to aluminum to carbon fiber this unit is my favorite. It's lighter than one might think and absolutely rock solid.
If you're a nature photographer you may also appreciate the connection to mother earth that comes with using a wood tripod.
No, I won't be backpacking with it, but for a short day hike (1-5 miles) it's very manageable.
A divisible column is a handy upgrade for getting down low. I highly recommend it.
My biggest knock is the lack of a carry handle. Berlebach should offer one as an accessory. Sometimes carrying your tripod in a case just slows you down. So a carry handle would be great. I added one myself but it took some time to retrofit."

Jim Dell

"I have long waited for a tripod like this 823 from Berlebach. It is lightweight, versatile and very easy to work with. It is only ounces heavier than aluminum and far superior to any metal.

I have used wood tripods for many years and I do not use anything but wood. I also currently own the Berlebach 3042 and it is an amazing tripod that I have used for many years too.

Berlebach is simply a wonderful tripod."


"Using your tripod for the first time I remember seeing a brass plate in a wooden sailing ship: "If God had meant us to build glass-fibre ships, He would have grown glass-fibre trees". Handling and feeling your tripod: "If God had meant us to build aluminium tripods, He would have grown aluminium trees"!"

Peter Ashley

"I bought a Billingham Reporter around 2000, and only now do I know it's in fact a Berlebach. It is the very best tripod I've ever used, and I don't want another. But if I do, what's the equivalent Berlebach now? Thank you."

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