Mini-Tripod with levelling

Mini Tripod/Table tripods

Product Description

This innovative tripod is the dream of countless nature photographers come true: a Mini-Tripod with a height load capacity, low minimum height and integrated levelling system.
The head support section (Ø 80 mm) can be tilted 25° in each direction, while the spreading legs can create even greater surface for your camera. This allows you to use it near the ground without a tilt head.

Versatile Mini-Sized Tripod delivering maximum stability. Tripod leg spread can be 20°, 40°, 60°, 80° and 100°.
Rubber-capped feet.
  • Weight: 0,90 kg = 1.98 lbs.
  • Packed length: 29 cm = 11 inches
  • Minimum height: 8 cm = 3 inches
  • Maximum height: 40 cm = 16 inches
  • Load tolerance: 8,00 kg = 17.64 lbs.
  • Vibration damping: very good

Item number: 50032

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Price: 205,00
(circa 223.25 $)

What people say about this product

capt suresh sharma

"I have used wooden baby tripods made by some other manufacturer, about 15 years ago, while working on two films for the National Geographic. I know the value of it. I am sure these must be great tripods. Though, I have never used or even seen any of your tripods."

Simon Schollum

"I recently acquired a Berlebach Mini-tripod with leveling plate and am most impressed with the high level of design & manufacturing care that has gone into this product. The generous top plate enables me to mount various Arca & Linhof ball-heads creating a vibration-free and sturdy platform for table-top and ground level photography. I take this 'Mini' everywhere and even when not shooting its such a beautiful piece of 'photographic furniture' that it graces my lounge. Thoughtfully designed and of quality construction this 'pod' is highly, highly recommended.
Simon Schollum (New Zealand)"

Hristo Velikov

"I use this tripod for macro work , is solid as a rock , you will find carbon tripods lighter or more flexible but the elegance of wood can not be compared with anything . Wood also absorbs vibrations excellently and that is very important in macro , especially in large magnifications and when shooting with natural light and relatively long exposures . A high quality product and highly recommended !"


"I owned the Mini-Tripod and like it so much that I purchased the Leveling version. With the leveling version, I no longer need a ball head. Just attach a quick release clamp to the top and level using the tripod's leveling plate. Not needing a ball head saves time, money and weight.

I use this tripod with my Pentax K1 camera with my 18mm Zeiss lens and my Pentax 28mm shift lens. Lets me easily get those low angle shots."

Theuns vanNiekerk

"I bought this mini-tripod a few months ago. It is my most often go-to tripod. It is super light-weight and very stable. I use it with a Pentax 645z and lenses ranging from wide-angle zooms to 300mm telephotos. The low level of the tripod allows for unique low level angle shots. If I need it a bit higher I have always found something like a rock where I could stabilize the tripod at a higher level. I use the tripod without a head and mount the camera directly onto the tripod leveling top. You need the 1/4inch mounting screw version to do that."

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