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binoculars support deluxe


The ultimate binocular support deluxe from Berlebach leaves nothing to be desired. It connects binoculars securely to any photo tripod and allows precise panning and tilting of the binoculars.
The 2-way panhead optimised for observation is completely integrated in the binocular support. This compac [...]

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variable Spreader 27


With this adjustable spread stopper you can securely lock the legs of your tripod at three fixes angles (25°, 33° and 40°).
This allows flexible use of the tripod with various attachments.
The tray can be screwed onto the spread stopper.
The operation is possible from the top (as long as the tray [...]

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Beamer or Projector Tray 3/8"


- Size 36 x 31 cm
- Takes loads of up to 10 kg
- Fits on 3/8" screw thread
- Due to the nature of the material, color deviations may occur especially with color-stained plates.
- Suitable for projector, monitor, laptop computer, etc.

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Seat Screw


Seat Screw
Zur Montage der Schraube wird einfach ein Loch in ein Brett gebohrt. Dort lässt sich die Schraube einsetzen und mit dem Sterngriff von unten verschrauben. Auf dem Auflageteller mit 1/4" bzw. 3/8" Gewinde kann man nun nach Belieben Neigeköpfe für die Fotografie oder zur Beobachtung mit Fe [...]

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