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binoculars support deluxe


The ultimate binocular support deluxe from Berlebach leaves nothing to be desired. It connects binoculars securely to any photo tripod and allows precise panning and tilting of the binoculars.
The 2-way panhead optimised for observation is completely integrated in the binocular support. This compac [...]

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SPEEDY - The carrying coupling


There are many camera safety belt systems on the market, but with Berlbebach’s SPEEDY, handling the camera becomes even faster and less complicated. By contrast to other designs, the system cannot be detached by itself. This is realised with the help of a patented spring clip system, which only rele [...]

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Spread Stopper 37 for Berlebach tripods


The leg lock guarantees...
- Rapid and equal leg spread
- 100% secure assembly at all times:legs cannot slip away
- No chain necessary
- Triangular base form in seconds
- Attention, legs are only able to lock at 23°.
- By tripods without deposit tray you need also one kit tripod leg brackets ( [...]

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MonkeyGrip 2 for REPORT


Clamp Element for attachment to the tripod legs of the system REPORT and Mini-Tripods.
Easy and quick installation with just one clamping lever (no screwing required).
You are able to screw directly a compact camera, ball- head or the plate # 320517.
The angle for levelling is 35°.
Diameter of [...]

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module insert 7


Der Moduleinsatz 7 ist einsetzbar in alle Stative Report.
Damit können Sie Ihr Fotostativ auch für eine astronomische Montierungen nutzen.
Bitte wählen Sie aus für welche Montierung Sie das Modul benötigen.

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Deposit Tray Size 37 x 37 x 37 cm


- Practical tray for small items, fits between the tripod legs to provide extra stability
- A set of tripod leg brackets is also required for tray attachement purposes
Material birch plywood, due to the nature of the material, color deviations may occur especially with color-stained plates.

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variable Spreader 27


With this adjustable spread stopper you can securely lock the legs of your tripod at three fixes angles (25°, 33° and 40°).
This allows flexible use of the tripod with various attachments.
The tray can be screwed onto the spread stopper.
The operation is possible from the top (as long as the tray [...]

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Tray Bag


The storage bag made of high-quality and extremely durable Cordura is primarily used for storing camera and accessory parts, but can also be used for loading (max. 5 kg).
The bag has an edge length of 33 cm.
To mount the hooks are mounted in the eyelets of built-in clamps on the tripod.

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Tripod Case 100 cm, diameter 24 cm for UNI


- Berlebach tripod cases give your tripod optimum protection and, at the same time, provide superb carrying convenience due to all-round carrying grips and an extra shoulder strap. Breathable cotton fabric guarantees temperature and moisture balance.
- Inside diameter: 24 cm

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