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Screw for mini tripod without levelling


Screw 1/4" or 3/8" for mini tripod without levelling.
For easy changing, remove it by turning downside.
In order to fix a tilt or tripod head we recommand a 3/8" screw.
Without any adapter, only with the big screw.

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UNI 800 Wheel Unit


- This wheel unit is an effective mobile support for the whole UNI tripod system. The extremely stable all-metal construction combines the tripod and the wheels in a compact configuration. It rolls superbly on even floors. The wheels can be released and braked by means of a foot-operated lever (plan [...]

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UNI 900 Floor Stay


For UNI- tripods.
- The floor stay is ideal for holding the tripod legs in place when spread at extreme angles on smooth or sensitive flooring. Extension of the bracing arms is infinitely variable. Clear scale marks indicate the extension length. Rubber pads are provided for non-slip support. The c [...]

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Lateral Arm


- Is attached to the tripod like a tripod head
- Allows the camera to be positioned above or below the tripod apex
- Camera can be mounted at the centre or end of the arm
- Locking screw can be replaced by an additional camera plate as required to enable 3 connections for cameras
- Length: 500 m [...]

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leg stops for tripods UNI


Nachrüstsatz (3 Stück) Stativbeinanschläge für Stative UNI
Durch Montage dieser Stativbeinanschläge können die Stativbeine in den Winkeln 20°, 35°, 55° und 80° gespreizt werden.
Zum Verstellen das Stativbein entlasten und Hebel auf gewünschte Position bewegen.

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