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Spread Stopper 37 for Berlebach tripods


The leg lock guarantees...
- Rapid and equal leg spread
- 100% secure assembly at all times:legs cannot slip away
- No chain necessary
- Triangular base form in seconds
- Attention, legs are only able to lock at 23°.
- By tripods without deposit tray you need also one kit tripod leg brackets ( [...]

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Three Plastic feets


- Standard: UNI Astro and PLANET tripod legs have stainless steel tips.
- Optional: Steel tips can be exchanged for plastic feet.
- Not for tripod SKY

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Tripod Dolly Astro Großer Wagen


The large tripod dolly is designed for astronomy and allows easy transportation and stable positioning of the equipment. Fine levelling is easily possible via the adjusting screws. The quick adjustment of the supports guarantees a quick fastening.
It can be loaded with up to 100 kg, roller diameter [...]

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Leveling foot Astro


The leveling foot allows for easy and precise fine-tuning of the tripod. This means that each mount can be perfectly leveled once set up. The large diameter of 98 mm prevents sinking into soft ground, providing good load-bearing capacity and additional stability.

The thread has an adjustment rang [...]

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Tube Grip


Tube Grip from milled aluminium and a 25mm / 1" ash-wood rod
- length of the rod 250 mm, other size on request
- easy to make shorter by cutting the wooden rod
- to mount with 1/4" screw

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Stainless Steel Counterweight 3 kg


Suitable for counterweight bars with a diameter of 20 mm
Outer diameter 100 mm
Thickness 50 mm
Clamping via star knob screw

As of February 16, 2024, we also have several pieces weighing 2.9 kg in stock. If you would like these, please indicate in the "Notes" section.

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Three angles spread stopper 37


Mit dieser verstellbaren Spreizsicherung können Sie die Beinspreizung Ihres Statives in drei festen Winkeln (bei ca. 24, 32° und 40°) sicher arretieren. Ein Nachinnenschwenken der Beine wird ebenso verhindert. Das Besondere einer variablen Spreizsicherung dabei ist, dass Sie von der minimalen bis zu [...]

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Eyepiece Tray 37 cm


- Optional tray with eyepiece holes, instead of the standard tray
- holes 2" (see too accessory item no. 500641 adapter from 2" to 1.25")
- Size: 37 x 37 x 37 cm

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Support with prism clamp shoe for Castor mount II


This prism clamp is designed to accommodate prism rails with flank angles ranging from 60° to 75°. The clamping itself is achieved using a so-called pressure shoe, which protects the flanks of the prism rail and avoids typical point pressure spots. This prism clamp is exclusively suitable for the az [...]

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