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Basic plate 2072 for ZWO AM5


For our tripods UNI and PLANET for the telescope mount ZWO AM 5 if the telescope mount is without tripod adapter.
For the pier extension too.

If you use the tripod without pier extension you need this basis plate.

The collar with the recesses provides protection against twisting and also offe [...]

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Bottom plate 2185 from ZWO AM 5 to 3/8"


"Adapter plate for ZWO AM3 and AM5 mounts

It is an important accessory, as this part is missing in the original mount.
We recommend it as an alternative to our base plate #5006180
(Not to be used as a direct connection to the Planet tripod)"

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Support for Dovetail Clamp


Support for Dovetail Clamps or other accessories
For mounting on azimutal mount Castor with counterbalance bar
inner diameter 20 mm /0.787 "
distance of the attachment screw 35 mm - 1.378"
screw size 1/4"
95 mm for GR II/III, 55 mm for GR I

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Reduzierring 60/45


Reducing ring for tripods with Vixen GP connection, reducing from 60 mm to 45 mm for Vixen Advanced Polaris and Sphinx mounts.
Height: 21.5 mm

Image 2. Photo:
UNI tripod head for GP with reducing ring and additional azimuth pin for Sphinx for GP conversion (only nut is visible on top, pin is s [...]

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Adapter GA110


Adapter zur Montage von Berlebach-Schnellkupplungen an die Astromontierungen Castor und Spica.
Mit diesem Adapter lassen sich unsere Schnellkupplungen an Berlebach-Geräteaufnahmen 1/4" und Berlebach-Prismenschienen mit Lochabstand 35 mm montieren.
Hiermit lassen sich die astronomischen Geräte auch [...]

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