Astronomy Tripod Graviton

New Products GRAVITON load capacity 220 kg

Product Description

With the development and production of the GRAVITON tripod we offer our customers the possibility to be mobile even with very large and heavy mounts.
This astronomical high-end tripod clearly stands out from other substructures in many areas.
- Best vibration damping of all our tripods by massive leg segments made of high-quality ash
- Lever arm of the clamping element extendible for force optimisation
- Innovative leg clampings with a flat spring, which compensates for the hygroscopy ot the
- 100 % stability trough integrated toothed rack in 5 mm steps
- Fine levelling dunction in the foot tips offer an adjustment path of 20 mm
- The spread stopper can be mounted at different heights, so that leg spreads of approx.
20-30° are possible
- CNC-manufactured metal parts ensure precise guidance, secure, powerful clamping and
attractive design
- A tray and spread stopper are included
  • 重量: 23,00 kg = 50.71 lbs.
  • 收缩高度: 91 cm = 36 inches
  • 最低高度: 86 cm = 34 inches
  • 最高高度: 135 cm = 53 inches
  • 载重: 220,00 kg = 485.01 lbs.
  • 抗震性: 特别好

货号: 14026

Availability: on demand


价格: 2990,00
(大约 3130.23 $)

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