Minitripod L with levelling (large version)


Product Description

This innovative tripod is the dream of countless nature photographers' come true: a mini-tripod with a high load capacity, low minimum height and integrated levelling system.
The head support section (Ø 80 mm) can be tilted 25° in each direction, while the spreading legs can create even greater surface for your camera. This allows you to use it near the ground without a tilt head.
  • 重量: 1,10 kg = 2.43 lbs.
  • 收缩高度: 45 cm = 18 inches
  • 最低高度: 6 cm = 2 inches
  • 最高高度: 68 cm = 27 inches
  • 载重: 5,00 kg = 11.02 lbs.
  • 抗震性: 非常好

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