Azimuthal mounting SPICA

Telescope mounts

Product Description

- small and light azimuthal mount for binoculars, scopes teleskopes and
- the friction control can be tuned with easy to grasp knobs for both axes
- incl. one Dovetail Clamp.
- on the other side is thr possibility to connect a second Dovetail Clmap,
Counterbalance Bar or a quick release coupling for a camera/ spotting
- thread size 3/8", other on request
- high 107 mm /4.2"
- width 135 mm /5.3"
- diameter on the tripodside 60 mm /2.3"
- load capacity 5 kg (max. 7 Nm) with load on one side and 20 kg with load on both sides
  • 重量: 0,99 kg = 2.18 lbs.

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