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Azimuthal mount Spica-Omega

The mount for large binoculars, double refractors, refractor telescopes as well as photo and video equipment with large focal lengths.

By using counterweights in conjunction with a variable lever arm ratio, it is possible to shift the centre of gravity to the axis of rotation with each optic, allowing fine movements in all directions. Vertical pans of more than 90° in both directions are possible without any problems. Both the horizontal and vertical axes can be adjusted in friction by means of one screw each, with the effect decreasing with increasing load and the control lever resulting from the dimension of their equipment.

The compact design with clamping on both sides ensures minimal vibration and maximum stability.

Since the clamping unit for the instruments is not mounted between the fork as usual but on top, there is enough space to mount even very large optics such as binoculars.

The lateral rails are clamped using a GP prism clamp with pressure shoe # 500610 (new as of 09/21). As with almost all other Berlebach products, the whole system is modular again, i.e. if you already have a quick coupling from Berlebach, you can connect it to this mount as well, just like the “Omega” can be completely disassembled and the Spica can be used as a small travel mount with only a prism clamp and counterweight rod.

The tripod connection is via a standard 3/8” photo thread, which allows mounting on almost any photo tripod.

In order to use this mount optimally and to have enough space for the counterweights to swing, a tripod with centre column is required, preferably with crank column for easy and safe height adjustment.

By using an extra short star grip for vertical clamping (optional), the centre of gravity can be lowered by an additional 2 cm. This makes it possible to reduce counterweights while maintaining the same centre of gravity.

Loadable up to 20 kg

Dimensions L x W x H: 355 x 125 x 260 mm
  • 重量: 3,00 kg = 6.61 lbs.

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