PLANET Tripod K70 Geared Column with Tray 37 cm + Spread Stopper

PLANET load capacity 120 kg with geared column

Product Description

Our new leg head for astronomy allows easy height adjustment of loads up to 60 kg. The geared centre column (Ø70 mm/ 27.5”)makes it easy and safe to adjust the height (35 cm/ 12”) of mounts or large binoculars.

Our most stable wooden tripod, featuring large wood cross-sections and newly designed clamping elements, delivers a high load capacity and excellent stability with minimum vibration transmission. The ultra-flat design of the new tripod head with 105 mm leg joints guarantees maximum torsional stiffness.

Tripod leg angle: 24°
Delivery with Spread Stopper and Tray.

Other threads and tops are possible.

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  • 重量: 14,50 kg = 31.97 lbs.
  • 收缩高度: 102 cm = 40 inches
  • 最低高度: 84 cm = 33 inches
  • 最高高度: 182 cm = 72 inches
  • 载重: 60,00 kg = 132.28 lbs.
  • 抗震性: 特别好

货号: 14020/K70

Availability: on demand


价格: 1945,00
(大约 2169.26 $)

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